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Future Plan

  • To cope with the growing demand of the space to accommodate more documents and to incorporate new services, necessary steps are to be taken to extend the library building.
  • To set up a separate Reference Unit with proper infrastructure and adequate facilities.
  • Implementation of RFID based Library Management.
  • Space Renovation of Property Counter in the entrance point of the Central Library for better user support and architectural beautification.
  • More CCTV Cameras will be installed at different service units.
  • Plan to keep the central library open for extended hours in the evening in near future.
  • Plan to insist and to help all the departments to start their departmental libraries.
  • Necessary steps will be taken to restore, organize and to create database of gift collections available in the central library.
  • To facilitate the resource sharing programme in wider sense and to extend the institutional membership facilities to other academic institutions as far as possible.
  • Utmost efforts will be given to fulfill the users’ satisfaction.